Recent Creations by Kelly Lensing...

Pricing for Custom Pieces will depend on the scope of each project. Please send an email to kelly@lensingart.com describing your project in as much detail as possible. 

When creating art pieces from a photograph, I like to know the "story" behind the moment photographed so that I can bring the feeling each client hopes to capture into the piece. I interview clients to understand their color preferences and where they will display their pieces so that their art coordinates beautifully with their existing decor. 


Proud Grandma

Doc and Des sm


Reggie portrait

Poodle Pair

Gizmo cropped

Custom Murals

I created this Tuscan-themed mural as an accent for a dining room wall in a private home and it features a wine label that is important to the homeowner. Copying the basic composition from an unsigned painting that the homeowner admired in a department store, I added my own style, specific elements desired by the homeowner, and a color scheme more suited to the homeowner's decor.  Approx 6.5' X 4' in size

This mural was commissioned for a pre-teen's bedroom.  The request was for a surfer and a girl in an "itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini" - just like the song.  I am happy to say that this design I created was a compromise that made both son and his parents happy. I also used paint with sand for added texture on the beach, which added a fun 3D element to the mural. Approx 3' X 6' in size

I created this mural using acrylic paints and based its design on a favorite tapestry of the homeowner, incorporating the names of the homeowner's children and family within the design. Approx 4' X 6.5' in size, this mural is the centerpiece of their greatroom and appears on the one interior wall that does not feature a window or door, thereby balancing the feel of the room.   The color scheme also complements the homeowner's decor and sense of style.